Is the MagSafe battery pack worth buying

Is the MagSafe battery pack worth buying

MagSafe external battery appearance design, volume and weight
Appearance design
MagSafe external battery only has white style. As for the material part, it is not the silica gel commonly used in Apple accessories in the past. It adopts relatively hard white hard shell plastic, but it still remains quite soft in touch. Using hard white plastic also has many advantages, that is, it is not easy to stick to dust or cotton wool, but it will inevitably leave wear and scratches.

The other side of the MagSafe external battery is protected by a gray silicone pad, which can prevent scratches caused by the adsorption of the iPhone glass back cover.

As for the bottom, there is a lightning charging hole and power indicator, and there are no physical buttons on the other sides.

If you want to use it together with the iPhone MagSafe white silica gel protective case, you will obviously find that the color of the MagSafe external battery is whiter, and the volume of the MagSafe external battery is smaller than that of the previous iPhone Battery protective case.

Volume and weight
The actual MagSafe external battery thickness will be thicker than the iPhone 12 body, reaching 11 mm, about 3 mm more than the iPhone 12 thickness (7.4 mm).

As for the MagSafe external battery, the weight is about 115g and the iPhone 12 weighs 164g. If it is adsorbed on the back of the iPhone 12, the whole device will become heavier and thicker. However, MagSafe's external battery magnetic suction design has the main advantage of convenient disassembly. It doesn't need to be like the previous intelligent battery protective shell. It needs to hold the heavy iPhone body for a long time. When it needs to be charged, it can be charged immediately by immediate adsorption.

The volume of MagSafe external battery is just the same as that of iPhone 12 Mini. In addition, it can be found that the apple logo on MagSafe is not designed in the center of the external battery, which mainly corresponds to the original apple logo on the back of iPhone when adsorbed.

The new MagSafe charging effect if the MagSafe external battery is adsorbed on the back of the iPhone 12 series, a new MagSafe animation will appear, and the remaining capacity of the MagSafe external battery will be additionally displayed below, but it can be used only with IOS 14.7. At present, the IOS 15 beta 3 beta version is not supported, and it is expected to be supported only in IOS 15 beta 4.

Charging efficiency

because the current MagSafe external battery adopts wireless charging technology, it can only support 5W charging without power supply, and can charge 20% of the iPhone 12 within 30 minutes. If the iPhone gets hot during charging, it will lead to poor charging power efficiency. To maintain 15W high-power wireless charging for MagSafe external battery output, it is necessary to match lightning charging line and 20W + PD fast charging head. Otherwise, it is usually charged at 5W speed. In addition, you can also see the remaining battery percentage of MagSafe mobile battery in IOS gadgets or desktop gadgets. It also needs more than IOS 14.7 to support it

If Apple's original MagSafe external battery is dead, you can charge it in two ways, whether you choose MagSafe external battery or iPhone 12 for charging. What's the difference between the two? Let's explain:
When connecting the charging line for iPhone 12, it will start to reverse charge the MagSafe external battery after 80% of the power is required. When charging the MagSafe external battery, it will first charge iPhone 12 with 15W wireless charging to more than 80% before charging the external battery itself

But this design is very strange, and many people will think, why buy an external MagSafe battery that can only charge 5W? Maybe buying a wired PD fast charging line will be faster in charging efficiency than an external battery.

MagSafe external battery capacity and endurance

The capacity of MagSafe external battery is 1460mah, and the voltage can reach 7.26v. Compared with the general mobile phone, the voltage of 3.7V is higher than twice, and the same energy can reach 11.13wh. However, the voltage of apple MagSafe external battery is twice that of other products. It is estimated that MagSafe external battery is composed of two 1460mah batteries, and the actual power is expected to be 2920mah.

Since the MagSafe external battery capacity is actually only 2920mah, it also means that the battery capacity can only charge the iPhone 12 Mini once. As for the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro, it can only reach 74% of the power. The following chart tells you how much you can charge for the iPhone 12 series (the approximate value is for reference only, single charge):
IPhone 12 Mini provides 100% extra power
IPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro provide 74% extra power
IPhone 12 Pro MAC provides 50% extra power
It can be seen from the above

Is MagSafe's external battery strong enough?
Many people will also be curious that MagSafe external battery feels very heavy, so it's easy to fall off? According to the test, it is not easy to fall off, unless it is installed with a non MagSafe protective shell.

Generally, the magnetic suction of MagSafe is strong enough to ensure that it will not fall out when taken out of the pocket. If it is pushed on the left and right sides of the bottom of the battery, it will be easier to slide. On the contrary, it is difficult to get rid of it by holding the edge of the upper half of the battery with both hands.

The main reason is that the whole MagSafe magnet module is designed in the upper half, which has stronger magnetic attraction than the upper half of the external battery.

What devices does MagSafe external battery support?
Apple's official website shows that the MagSafe external battery supports the iPhone 12. If you want to use it on the old iPhone, it can also be used. However, there is no MagSafe module on the back of the old iPhone model, which will make it unable to absorb, and the charging power will not be better than that of the iPhone 12, or even trigger the display of MagSafe animation and gadget accessories.

MagSafe external battery can be regarded as a small wireless charging bank, which can charge airpods. As long as Qi wireless charging technology is used, the basic product supports Qi wireless charging and can be placed on it for charging. As for the apple watch, there is no way, mainly because the apple watch does not adopt the Qi wireless charging standard.

Can I use MagSafe charger to charge MagSafe external battery? The answer is no! The main reason is that the internal structure design is different. It's like two iPhones 12 back-to-back together. Can they charge each other? Maybe it can be realized on the day when love can generate electricity.

There are two main reasons for this problem:
The main reason is that the MagSafe external battery is very close to the flash, which is easy to be affected by the reflected light after the flash is turned out.
As charging will cause scalding, it is easy to have abnormal phenomena.

Summary: is the iPhone 12 MagSafe external battery worth buying?
It is obvious that the MagSafe external battery is equivalent to the initial MagSafe mobile battery. Although the appearance design is quite good, the round corner feels good, the volume is small, simple and durable, and it is also very suitable to carry in your pocket.
Apple also put all of its plug-in and ready-to-use experience into this product, not to show the size of the battery capacity. On the contrary, apple went the opposite way, making this external battery a technical display by combining the three functions of wireless charger, external battery and reverse charging. These points alone make many current MagSafe external battery products instantly become ordinary products, and Apple also launched MFM certification, It is to attract more manufacturers to jointly invest in this new surrounding market.
Strictly speaking, MagSafe external battery inherits the capacity of the previous generation of intelligent battery protective shell (1430mah), gets rid of the steps of shell replacement, directly exposes the battery to the outside, maintains the characteristics of classic mini small capacity battery, and has a strong apple flavor.
Apple's first MagSafe external battery product, don't expect the battery capacity to be large enough and fast charging function, mainly because so far, apple still can't solve the problem that the MagSafe charging battery will heat up. Another fast charging will only accelerate the hot body, which will cause the output lock to be slow charged at 5W, and the MagSafe charger is not a 15W wireless fast charging all the time.

It is a pity that the design of the MagSafe is really exquisite. Unfortunately, the capacity of the external battery of the 1460mAh is only 1460mAh, and it can not directly charge the iPhone through Lightning. After all, the socket is made directly into Lightning, and it is also clear that this is used for iPhone 12 devices, which make complaints about the problem of most people spitting, perhaps for the next generation. After all, there are always imperfections in the first product.

Because the battery capacity is too small, it can only extend nearly half of the battery life of iPhone 12, which is only suitable for iPhone 12 Mini users. On the contrary, the words battery capacity, charging efficiency and cost performance do not exist in the surrounding accessories. The only thing that can feel its beauty is the high faith and love of Apple products.

In addition, if you want to charge the MagSafe external battery, you need to use the PD charger and charging cable of iPhone 12 to charge. After all, there is only one MagSafe external battery and a box of instructions in the package. Please bring your own charging accessories or pay extra money to buy them.

If the mobile phone often runs out of power for half a day or needs a lot of power support, it is not recommended to buy it. Instead, other mobile charging treasure will be more suitable.

Since the iPhone 12 does not contain any accessories, the following charging package is also a wrong choice

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