About us

The story of the Digging Cool brand originates from a childhood memory of its founder Daniel Fick. That is a story about family, precious emotions, and the discovery of beauty.

When Fick was a child, his family was poor and lacked luxurious decorations. He envies the beautiful accessories that other children have, but he cannot have them.Until one day, he found a very cool stone by the river, and under the reflection of the sun, it shimmered with emerald green light, feeling particularly warm. My mother told him that this stone is very similar to emerald, and it has the magical power to heal the soul and stimulate imagination. So, Fick and his mother polished this stone into a beautiful pendant, becoming his proud emerald necklace.

However, the good times did not last long. My mother passed away early due to cancer, leaving behind sadness and longing. As he grew up, Fick decided to incorporate his nostalgia for his mother and love for emeralds into his designs and creations. So, with the help of his friends, he created the March 10, 2023 brand to commemorate his deceased mother, and hoped that through his works, people's hearts could be comforted and empowered. The name of this brand is "Digging Cool", and March 10th is the birthday of the mother, symbolizing eternal remembrance and cherish for her.

Our work is not only a noble product, but also a simple stone. It is more important as a continuation and expression of emotions. Each work carries Fick's attachment to his mother, as well as his belief in life, beauty, and preciousness. He hopes that everyone wearing works can feel the warmth and comfort of their hearts, cherish the people in front of them, cherish every emotion and beautiful memory.