Is the iPhone charging kit worth selling

Is the iPhone charging kit worth selling

Apple iphone13 does not have a charger and still recommends 20W fast charging
Apple's new product launch in the autumn of 2021 arrived as scheduled. It not only launched several products such as apple watch weries 7 and iPad, but also ushered in the new iPhone 13 series.

It is worth mentioning that the four models of iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max released this time still adopt the strategy of no standard charger.
In other words, in the new product cycle of apple, 20W PD fast charging will still be the best power supply accessory, and the third-party 20W PD fast charging accessory market is expected to usher in a new round of growth.
No charger for iphone13
Since the cancellation of the standard charger for iPhone 12, Apple has been implementing environmental protection policies. This year, Apple has applied a lot of more environmentally friendly recycled materials to iPhone 13 series phones. Therefore, it makes sense not to have a standard charger.

For consumers, it can only be reluctantly accepted. The following recommended charging sets may hide more consumer needs:



1.20W USB-C Power Adapter
2.20W USB-C to Lightning Cable (1 m)
3.MagSafe Charger
4.iPhone 8-13 Clear Case with MagSafe
5.MagSafe Battery Pack(5000-10000mAh)
6.AirPods 3

2021 Apple iPhone fast charging recommendation (full range of iPhone fast charging head, fast charging line, fast charging package scheme recommendation, including iphone13)

1、 What is iPhone fast charging?
IPhone fast charging has two kinds of power:
1). The maximum charging power can reach about 20W. The charging time is about 50% in half an hour and 80% in one hour.
2). The highest charging power of the other type is about 10W. The charging time is about 1.5 hours.
If the original accessory is a 5W charger, the charging time is about 1 hour and 30%, and it takes nearly 4 hours to fully charge.

2、 Know what kind of fast charging your iPhone supports?
1). IPhones produced after iphone8 support 20W fast charging, with a maximum power of about 20W.
Such as iphone8, iPhone x, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone se second generation, iphone11, iphone12, and the latest iphone13 series.
2). The iPhone produced before iphone8 does not support 20W fast charging, and the maximum charging power is about 10W,
Such as iphone5, iphone6, iphone7, the first generation of iPhone se, etc.
This article only answers the recommendation of fast charging package scheme for 20W iPhone fast charging models.

 3、 Fast charging package scheme recommendation for iPhone fast charging models

Iphone8 and later iPhone models can reach a fast charging power of about 20W.
The required iPhone quick charging package includes:
One C to l fast charging data cable
One PD protocol fast charging head with power above 20W

If your iPhone supports up to 10W charging power (that is, the model before iphone8), but you also need to choose a charging package or charge faster, see my other article for details:

Because different iPhone original gift accessories are different

Therefore, some iPhones need to buy fast charging head + fast charging line to realize fast charging

Others only need to buy fast charging heads, such as the latest iPhone 13 series

The specific situation is shown in the figure below:

According to your specific situation, you can choose the iPhone quick charging package
Next, we recommend high cost-effective fast charging head and fast charging line.

4、 IPhone fast charging cable and charging head recommendation (C to l data cable)
IPhone fast charging line is relatively simple. Here's how to choose the line. (if you already have it, you don't have to buy it)

5. How fast is MagSafe charging?

As we all know, using a 20W charging head with an iPhone can reach up to 15W, and the iPhone 12 Mini will be smaller Using many third parties can only reach 10W at most, or even 7.5W What's the speed of the 15W iPhone?

The following figure illustrates

Test phone: iPhone 12
Test equipment: Apple original 5v1a charging head / MagSafe charger / Anker 20W charging head
It can be seen that charging with MagSafe is always faster than 5v1a, but it is much slower than 20W Anke head
It seems that using MagSafe is really not a choice to charge in a hurry
However, if you can adapt to 5v1a, you don't need to worry about the charging speed when using MagSafe In terms of charging speed, it is more suitable for less anxious charging scenes such as in the office, at home and in the car

Is MagSafe really hot?
I conducted a charging test with iPhone 12, and recorded it and the mobile phone with a thermal imager. The results are as follows:

The figure above shows
According to my own experience, the temperature of the charging head is actually a little lower than that of other 20W charging heads Basically no more than 40 degrees. The body feeling of more than 30 degrees is warm, and there will be obvious fever when it exceeds 40 degrees (the above is the charging state of the screen, not playing while charging)
I've actually used it myself. I feel that the temperature is OK. I don't need to worry too much

What are the advantages of MagSafe?

Wireless magnetic suction, of course, is one. The charging posture is more handsome. It's really convenient and cool to remove it
For more directions, you don't need to worry about blocking your hand when playing games or horizontal screen

Match with third-party accessories to realize more possibilities For example, installing a bracket and putting it on the table becomes wireless desktop charging, and putting it in the car becomes wireless car charging

It can charge other devices that support Qi wireless charging protocol, such as airpods pro

Does it have shortcomings? have Are there any advantages? Of course Let me share the actual experience See if it's worth buying for you

6.MagSafe battery pack


Let's draw a conclusion first: it's OK to play with fresh pictures. Let me buy a 1400mAh "magnetic suction charging treasure" at the price of 99. The capacity is too small, and the mobile phone can't be charged at one time. It's not recommended that you buy it. Of course, if you have money, you can be willful and free.

The above can be achieved by the third-party magnetic charging treasure.

However, things are afraid of comparison. The third-party magnetic suction charging treasure can be used for magnetic suction and wireless charging. Moreover, the battery capacity is larger(5000mAh-10000mAh). When it needs fast charging, it can also provide wired charging. The key price is only 49. With comparison, I immediately feel that the external battery scheme of 99 is not fragrant.


The third generation airpods is an improved version of the airpods Pro without active noise reduction. In the second generation airpods and airpods pro, the function balance is friendly to fruit powder without noise reduction function.

The third generation of airpods is equipped with H1 chip, which is consistent with the previous generation of airpods.
Apple H1 chip, cypress SOC, Maxim audio codec, Bosch ma280 accelerometer, STM triaxial accelerometer, STM calibrator, Ti data converter, GoerTek microphone
It supports Bluetooth 5 Class1 standard and has a chip area of 12 mm2. Its performance is similar to that of Apple A4 SOC of Apple iPhone 4. Therefore, the chip capability of the third generation airpods is the same as that of the previous generation products.

Although apple did not take action on the chips of the third generation airpods, it made a big fight on the M1 series chips carried in the MacBook series released this time.

Audio technology

Adaptive equalization: the technology of optimizing and correcting audio through adaptive equalization algorithm technology;
Apple's customized high amplitude driving unit brings powerful bass and improves the sound quality experience;
Customized high dynamic range amplifier brings high-resolution audio experience and pure and clear sound;
Space audio that supports dynamic head tracking, stereo content playback, Dolby panoramic sound or apple music playback of 5.1 channels, and video content playback of 5.1 channels, 7.1 channels and Dolby panoramic sound recorded by other applications to create an immersive audio experience.

Design and experience
It has to be said that the third generation airpods has become more round and compact. It is about 1cm shorter than the second generation airpods and fits the ear contour better.

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