Apple PD fast charging head and fast charging cable recommendation (iPhone, iPad third-party charger purchase guide)

Apple PD fast charging head and fast charging cable recommendation (iPhone, iPad third-party charger purchase guide)

When I changed the iPhone 11, I started the third-party 18W PD fast charging package early. The mobile phone was received later. The feeling of using fast charging can only be said that the experience wife is great. Charging 50% in 30 minutes is impossible to go back anyway.
When the iPhone 12 and 13 came out, the whole series was upgraded to 20W fast charging, but the charging head was not given away. Even the newly purchased iPhone 11 did not give away the charging head
Let's look at the friend business next door. The wired fast charge is 120W and the wireless fast charge is 80W. What's the concept? The mobile phone with 4000 MAH is full in less than 20 minutes. I really don't know
In fact, iPhone 8 and above mobile phones support fast charging by default, but at present, except for the standard 18W fast charging package for iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro max, all other mobile phones are only equipped with 5W charger (commonly known as Wufu Yian). Of course, the new iPhone 12 and 13 series support 20W fast charging, but the charging head has to pay its own expenses

Most users may only stay in "know that there is fast charging", but the specific configuration is not very clear:
I don't know how to buy chargers and fast charging heads for iPhone 11, 12 and 13 series
I don't know whether my iPhone and iPad support fast charging
I don't know how high-power charging head should be configured. I'm worried that the high-power charger will damage the mobile phone
I don't know how to buy the charging cable
I don't understand why I spend so much money on usb-c-lightning. I'm afraid I'm wrong
Worried that fast charging will hurt the mobile phone battery, I can't start it for a long time
Even there were girls around who were worried that fast charging would explode. Finally, I think it's ok
This article tries to introduce the PD fast charging of iPhone and iPad in a simple and understandable way, and recommend some worthy PD fast charging heads and charging wires. In fact, the content is not much. It is recommended to take a few minutes to understand!
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1、 What is USB PD fast charging and what is apple MFI certification
(1). What is USB PD fast charging
USB PD (USB power delivery specification) is a fast charging protocol. Apple is the initiator and main promoter of USB PD fast charging protocol. At present, iPhone and iPad supporting fast charging adopt USB PD protocol.
Briefly mention the principle of fast charging. To improve the charging speed, you only need to increase the charging power. According to the physics formula of junior middle school:

Power (W) = voltage (V) x current (A)

It can be seen that if you want to increase the charging power, you can either increase the voltage or the current. At present, several fast charging schemes on the market are also realized in this way:
Qualcomm's QC fast charging and Apple's USB PD fast charging use high voltage and low current schemes.
Oppo vooc flash charge and dash flash charge of one heater use low-voltage and high current scheme.

Do you think there are so many quick charging schemes on the market are very chaotic, and there is no unified scheme?

Don't worry. At present, the USB PD protocol has developed to version 3.0. Driven by industry giants such as apple and Google, this version includes Qualcomm's QC 3.0 and 4.0, Huawei's SCP and FCP, and MTK's pe3.0 0 and Pe2 0, and the vooc of oppo. Usb-pd protocol is also supported by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China in China. As a mainstream fast charging protocol, it is the general trend.

At present, USB PD 3.0 can achieve a maximum charging power of 100W, that is, in the future, you only need to bring a PD fast charging head to charge your mobile phone, tablet, notebook and other different devices. It's nice to think about it.

(2). What is apple MFI certification

After that, let's talk about the data cable.
Apple MFI certification (made for iPhone / iPod / iPad): in short, it refers to the quality certification and authorized production license provided by apple to the accessory manufacturers. Only the accessory manufacturers who pass the authorized license can print the official certification label of MFI on the package.

Therefore, it doesn't matter if it's not the original data line. Just recognize the MFI certification. Basically, at present, everyone is very honest in using the MFI certified data line. After all, the official configuration can't afford to consume

In addition, there is a hidden advantage of using MFI certified data cable: because the manufacturer uses non environmentally friendly materials, it will be more durable, so the quality of data cable is actually a little better than Apple's original, didn't expect

2、 Comparison of charging speed between 18W fast charging and 5W standard charging

Simple feeling: under 18W fast charging, it takes only about 30 minutes for iPhone to charge from 0% to 50%, while it takes about an hour and a half to charge 50% with 5W charger
Half an hour usually washes or waits for a while, but if you have to wait for an hour and a half, everyone may be impatient. There is still a big difference.

3、 Apple devices that support USB PD fast charging (important)

(1). IPhone models supporting PD fast charging

Three points are summarized:
1) IPhone 8 and above mobile phones support fast charging by default, with a maximum of 20W fast charging.
2) Standard charger and data cable for iPhone,
In addition to the standard 18W PD fast charging package of iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max:
18W usb-c fast charging charger
Usb-c to lightning fast charging data cable
No charger for iPhone 12, 13 and above, only data cable:
Usb-c to lightning fast charging data cable
Other iPhones are only equipped with 5W charger as standard:
5W usb-a charger
Usb-a to lightning cable
3) If other iPhones want to achieve fast charging effect, they need to buy a fast charging package at their own expense:

Usb-c fast charging charger of 20W and above
Usb-c to lightning fast charging data cable

In addition, the comparison diagram of usb-a to lightning and usb-c to lightning data cable is as follows. Don't buy it wrong:

Comparison of usb-a to lightning and usb-c to lightning data cables
2. IPad models supporting PD fast charging

IPad models supporting USB PD fast charging

Summarize two points:
1) The latest versions of the iPad series support fast charging.
2) The standard charger of iPad is only 20W fast charging at most, and the iPad supports 30W fast charging at most, that is to say, you can buy 30W and above fast charging head to make the iPad charge faster.

3、USB PD and USB-C(USB Type-C)Relationship between

(1).USB PD and USB-C(USB Type-C)Relationship between

From the above two figures of "iPhone / iPad models supporting USB PD fast charging", both USB PD fast charging and usb-c appear in pairs, that is to say, in order to obtain the fast charging function, the choice of charger is to choose "USB PD charger based on usb-c interface".
What is the relationship between the two?
USB PD is a fast charging protocol, while usb-c is an interface specification, which are two different things. In short, the charger with usb-c output does not necessarily support USB PD protocol; Chargers that support USB PD protocol must be usb-c output.

(2).Why does USB PD use usb-c as output
The charger supporting USB PD protocol uses usb-c interface as output, which takes advantage of its maximum power of 100W. In fact, usb-c has three main features:
Support positive and negative insertion
Support stronger power transmission (maximum power 100W)
Faster transmission speed (up to 10Gbps)
It has high input and high output functions and is easy to use. More and more devices (iPhone, iPad, macbook, Android mobile phone and notebook) have been using usb-c interface.

4、 Recommendation of charging head and charging cable supporting USB PD fast charging (important)

1. If you want to experience the fast charging of iPhone / iPad, you must meet these three conditions:
The device itself needs to support fast charging (see the picture of "iPhone / iPad models supporting PD fast charging")
Select a PD charging head with appropriate power and usb-c output port
Select an apple MFI certified data cable
2. Choice of iPhone fast charging on Apple's official website

Apple said that if it wants to maximize the efficiency of fast charging and configure fast charging, it can only buy it at its own expense. The $19 fast charging head and $19 data cable on the official website are close to $40. It's really unkind:

The above fast charging products are recommended. MFI certified manufacturers can get a fast charging suit at Apple's official general price, which is still very cost-effective.

5、 Q & A: sorting out common problems of fast charging
1. Will PD fast charging hurt the mobile phone battery?
A: As long as it is produced by major well-known manufacturers, there will generally be no big problem (Apple also sells PD fast charging suits at a high price on its official website). Fast charging and battery durability are also a process of balancing each other, sacrificing a little bit of imperceptible durability to bring a better use experience, which is acceptable.
2. Will a high-power charger break the phone?
A: No, in PD fast charging, there will be continuous communication between the charger and the mobile phone. The mobile phone will apply for an acceptable voltage and current from the charger, and the charging will start only after it is matched. Otherwise, 5V charging or no charging will be selected by default.
You know, the control of charging power is not controlled by the charging end (charger), but by the charged end (iPhone, iPad, macbook). Therefore, the maximum power of iPhone currently only supports 20W. Even if you charge with a 100W charger, it won't make you charge faster.

3. Do Apple products have to use the original charger?
A: Needless to say, for three reasons,
If the original standard 5W charger is used, it is too slow;
If you configure the original fast charging set, it will add up to more than 400, which is too expensive;
At present, the major well-known parts manufacturers (Anker, Zimi, lvlian, etc.) and major mobile phone manufacturers (Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, etc.) are reliable, with good workmanship and high cost performance.

4. Will the third-party charger break the phone?
A: The charging head should be from well-known manufacturers. Don't buy fake brands. If the charging line is MFI certified brand. As long as it is the charging equipment of a regular large factory, it will generally not affect the mobile phone.

5. Can I use the original charger of other apple devices to quickly charge the iPhone?
A: Yes, to give three examples,
Use the iPad's own CHARGER + usb-c to lightning data cable.
Use the MacBook's own CHARGER + usb-c to lightning cable.
Use the MacBook usb-c connector to charge the iPhone.

6. Can I use the fast charging head of Android device to fast charge iPhone?
A: As long as the fast charging head supports USB PD protocol.

Since the iPhone 12 does not contain any accessories, the following charging package is also a wrong choice

End (with column)
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