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Copper Rain Gauge

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Science lesson incoming: It’s believed that the Greek mathematician and physicist Archimedes was the first to calculate that an object will float when the weight of water displaced equals the weight of the object (that’s why even giant ships can float). This copper gauge lets you witness Archimedes’ Principle in action every time it rains—and tells you how much of a soaking your garden got.

  • Known as a pluviometer to science types (the ones who’d get a kick out of all this Archimedes talk), the gauge features an internal tube that rises as the base fills with water.
  • The tube is marked in inches to measure rainfall.
  • Available in a patio-ready tabletop version or on a garden stake; each features a base of brushed copper that makes a handsome accent in your garden.
    copper, polycarbonate, steel, #7 other (o) plastic
  • MEASUREMENTS Stake: 24" H
    Gauge: 6" H x 3" diameter
  • Occasionally clean the tube and flute with warm, soapy water and a bottle brush. Do not use lubricants or abrasives.
  • aximum capacity of gauge is 5.5".

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