AirPods3 is here. Is it worth buying

AirPods3 is here. Is it worth buying

Everyone is familiar with AirPods Pro. Many friends may not want to use airpods Pro for various reasons and want to wait for a new airpods3. Now it's out. What should we choose? Let's take a look at this article;

First summarize the summary of airpods3:
Semi in ear design, does not support noise reduction;
It can last up to 30 hours and supports magesafe magnetic suction and wireless charging;
Support spatial audio;
Sweat resistant and waterproof;
Log in to Apple ID to switch between multiple devices with the same ID according to the master device used;

If you can't wear the airpods Pro for some reason but need a headset with good experience, the airpods3 is recommended. It also inherits all functions except the noise reduction function of the airpods pro, and its endurance is much better than that of the airpods Pro;

If you want a headset with noise reduction capability, using airpods Pro for iPhone is still the best choice;


Next, let's talk about all aspects of airpods3.

AirPods3 supports watching video and audio, better space audio, sweat resistance and waterproof, magesafe charging and strong endurance; But what else is there besides these? Now let's break it up.

tone quality
For the sound quality, it not only includes its own frequency response curve, but also includes the spatial audio with head tracking function like airpods pro and airpods max. this will be better experienced when watching movies, and even helpful when looking for mobile phones. You can hear the direction of the sound of mobile phones. In addition, the airpods3 has also customized the driving unit and high dynamic range amplifier, which can make the bass of the airpods3 more vibration and the high frequency clearer;

Each of us has different ear canals, so wearing the same headset for different people will have different feelings. In order to enable everyone to hear almost the same sound, airpods3 also supports adaptive equalization technology, which can adjust the frequency response performance according to the wearing angle and the fit of the headset, so that everyone can hear the same sound performance;
Wireless charging and endurance
Although we use less wireless charging now, wireless charging is becoming more and more common. Apple has also launched its own magesafe, which is supported from iphone12 to iphone13. Of course, as a new product, airpods3 also supports magesafe wireless charging. If you happen to have magesafe's charging board, just put the airpods3 that needs to be charged up, you can omit the process of inserting and unplugging the charging line, which can improve the use experience;
Airpods3 has the longest endurance at present. It can listen to songs for up to 6 hours in a single use. Combined with the rechargeable battery factory, the overall endurance is up to 30 hours. Although this endurance is the best result measured in the laboratory, it should be no problem for 25 hours of daily use. In addition, if both headphones are dead, the headphones also support the fast charging ability of charging for 5 minutes and listening to music for 1 hour.
Hardware of airpods3
Airpods3 still has the H1 chip we all like. After all, the feature of open cover connection is much better than Android. I don't know when there will be H2 chip, which will bring us a stronger experience at that time;
After logging into icloud, you can freely match all our devices in icloud. When using mac, you can automatically switch to Mac, and when using iPhone, you can automatically switch to iPhone without manually completing the matching work;
Airpods3 also has a new generation of sensors to detect ears and other surfaces. Therefore, airpods3 will play music only when you wear it on your ears, which can save a lot of power. There is still an inward microphone on the headset to detect the sound in the ear canal, and the equalizer can be adjusted.

The ear handle of the earphone has the same pressure sensor as the airpods pro, which is used to control the earphone and voice wake Siri;
Unlike the airplads pro, the airpods3 has no rubber plug, so it no longer needs to balance the air pressure difference inside and outside the ear canal, so there is no ventilation system. However, it is so similar to the airpods pro. Even after I took off the rubber plug of the airpods pro, I started AirPods3.
I hope the friends here have learned all about airpods3. If you have any questions, you can leave me a message, and I will reply to your questions accurately,
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