Is the AirPods Pro worth buying?

Is the AirPods Pro worth buying?

First of all, if it's an iPhone user, it's worth it. Airpods Pro is definitely an indispensable part of Apple's ecology.
Originally, it was the user of airpods. Since starting airpods pro, airpods regretted it

It is no exaggeration to say that airpods Pro noise reduction headphones can really improve the quality of life.
Let's summarize some daily use experiences. I feel that two experiences are excellent:
1. It is portable, comfortable to wear, fits the ear, has no stethoscope effect, and has no sense of daily wear (airpods feel better)

Those who use wireless headphones can't get back to wired headphones. It's cool to hang a beats x headphone around their neck in winter.

2. Excellent noise reduction experience, especially the moment you turn on or take off your headphones and put them on, it's like a pierced eardrum, and the world around you immediately calms down.

It's an artifact on the way to work, and it specializes in the mechanical keyboard of colleagues in the same office... (aside, the mechanical keyboard is cool to use, and it's really noise for others)
The noise reduction can be switched on by long pressing Apple's headset icon


You can also hold the earphone handle to switch. Hold it for 2 seconds to switch to the transparent noise reduction mode. The comparison feeling before and after opening is obvious

Besides the pinch operation, apple made a very clever design when users pinch. When we press, the system will simulate the sound of the press switch to play in your ear, which enhances the realism of use to a certain extent

 This simulation uses a realistic design, which reminds me of Apple's touchid. When you press the home key, you will feel a great press shock. It also uses a transverse linear motor to simulate the real touch of pressing Instead of really pressing it

(apple can also experience this shock by double clicking the current screen)

Far away Back to the connection speed and endurance of the airpods pro.

It is still a continuation of the previous generation of Kaigai second connection. The connection animation of airpods Pro is different from that of airpods

The actual use experience connection speed of airpods Pro is faster than airpods

There happened to be a redmi K20 Pro Android machine at hand. I tested the connection experience of Android mobile phone

Because Android does not have a specially set animation UI, there is no animation pop-up, and the speed is really much slower When playing games, sometimes there are some catons with out of sync painting and sound

However, the good thing is that the switching experience of noise reduction and permeability mode is still available (you need to press the headset to switch). If you often play games with Android, this headset is not recommended

Compared with airpods, airpods Pro has an additional test for the fit of headphones, which can test whether the current earplugs are suitable. If not, you need to replace an earplug by yourself.

The pods can be recharged for 5 hours a day, and it can be used for two hours a day

Also because the usual storage mode of headphones is the charging bin, so the daily use rarely encounters the situation of low power loss

Besides the updated spatial audio and automatic switching function of ios14, I feel that the updates of these two features make the airpods pro of the mobile phone more fragrant.

Let's start with spatial audio
Space audio is also the black technology of airpods pro. In the past, the video surround sound only felt clearer after it was turned on. Now, if it is turned on, it will be obvious that the surround sound has a direction, and you can know where the sound comes from
In theory, spatial audio can be used as long as the video supports Dolby sound effect
As long as the logo on iqiyi can be turned on, you can use space audio
Watching the "Avengers final battle 4", the captain of the United States shouted "Avengers assembly", not to mention how shocking ~ ~ (it may also be that the plot is too burning, hahaha)
The space audio effect after ios15 update has also been enhanced! Especially after Apple music put on the Dolby panoramic space audio of Jay Chou's "the strongest ground", it was great to listen to Jay Chou's concert with airpods pro, and the live effect was very good! Very close to the effect of listening to Jay Chou's concert
That is to say: the spatial audio of ios15 can simulate all sound sources into spatial audio, and the spatial audio experience is intuitive
At present, the official price is relatively high, with the price of US $249
Friends who are not in a hurry to get airpods can consider the overseas version of airpods pro, which is also owned by the official yotsunoha digital. It also enjoys the warranty of the official and store. It is also a brand-new and authentic product, which can be won for less than $90. The overseas version link is here. Don't go wrong ~ ~
If it is worn for a long time, the following one is recommended, which is the same as the airpods 3
Besides, automatic switching
If you have MAC / iPad / iPhone at the same time and all three devices are updated to the latest (ios14 / ipados14 / MacOS 11), you can use the automatic switching function to seamlessly switch between paired active devices logged in to the same icloud account
For example, the headset is connected to the iPad, and at this time, a good friend sends you a video. You can directly open the iPhone to play without manual switching. It is equivalent to a headset connected to the whole apple ecosystem.
In short, the use of airpods pro with apple ecology can really greatly improve the quality of life.
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